Building a remote team culture

Incite prides itself on a workplace that is engaging, stimulating and fun. But with everyone working from home, and with 200+ new ‘colleagues’ including some very demanding interns (often still in nappies) what are the best ways to maintain, and develop, the company’s culture?

We scratched our heads initially and also had a few false starts, like our afternoon Cuppa Club that quickly devolved into a daily weather discussion. What does a strategic research consultancy do when things aren’t working? We needed to get creative!

More recently and more successfully we’ve combined virtual drinks with an Incite-themed bingo game that reminded us of all the things we missed about our Soho HQ: curdled milk, nagging colleagues, and the delightful sounds of our Hare Krishna neighbours. Next up was a blind drawing session: I gave instructions, everyone followed (or at least tried). And we even managed to throw a virtual stag/hen do!

Last week, we identified another way to do something together despite being apart: we sent everyone sunflower seeds. We hope, British weather permitting (oops, more weather chat), that they will bring a little daily joy alongside the pet and child Zoom-bombs and escaped horses (true story). We’d love to hear what has worked and what hasn’t for you too. Please get in touch.


Culture, London