Three reasons we’re excited for ESOMAR Fusion

ESOMAR FUSION has been on my radar since its first edition and this year I finally get to attend. This time I will be going as an attendee only, so without the pressure (and thrill) of being on stage, this conference will be all about content for me.

Below are three reasons why I am excited about it (and if you are going, you should be too!):

1 / I will hear all things qualitative

As a (mostly) quant researcher I am really looking forward to being exposed to how qualitative methods can uncover human behaviours to overcome business challenges. I’m particularly excited to hear Anamnesis’ case study on how early memories can help us understand the present better.

2 / I will explore data analytics

It is no secret that our industry is a little bit slow in catching up with the world. Analytics and data science are here to stay, and I look forward to exploring how it is being applied in real research studies.

3 / I will discover how qual and analytics fuse together

This is new territory for me, and I am intrigued to see how the industry is working creatively to use these two methods to deliver higher impact.

Bonus reason: Madrid

The Spanish capital holds a very special place in my heart. It is beautiful, the food scene is incredible, nightlife is super fun and it is home to some of my most precious friends. Madrid is a home away from home.

See you next week!