Expanding Incite’s U.S. Footprint and Meeting Industry Needs

Question: Does the market research industry really need another firm setting up shop?

This was top-of-mind for me as I performed my due diligence and pondered my eventual decision to accept a role as Managing Director for Incite Marketing Planning, with a task of setting up a San Francisco office. Beyond a couple of detours to feed my appetite for variety, I have been a career market/brand researcher. I’ve been fortunate to have worked for and learned from some of the industry’s best, with stints at all  parts of the spectrum on the agency/supplier side – large global firms and small boutique ones. This has given me lots of perspective – insights, actually – on the environments existing today with established research firms and how they are evolving (or attempting to evolve). It’s also educated me on what buyers of market research services need and are continually seeking, including what they currently do not receive from existing providers. And finally, it’s crystallized what all of us in this profession, and those entering the field, want to spend time on as a researcher – doing and synthesizing actual research.

Challenges and needs to address? Certainly. Opportunities eventually to overcome these challenges? Absolutely. And that is why the industry needs another firm setting up shop.

I’ll admit that my knowledge of Incite was minimal when this opportunity arose. This has been confirmed as I’ve reconnected with dozens of past colleagues and clients in the past few weeks as I prepare for my new journey, with very few of them claiming awareness of the firm here in the U.S. But, awareness metrics aside, feedback from others and my personal research on Incite’s vision, culture and tactical plans were conclusive – strong excitement and intrigue for a strategy that has demonstrated a proficiency in meeting critical needs of the industry, thus helping buyers/clients of services to have a bigger impact in their organizations, and giving those who choose this profession the opportunity to do the work they love and excel in.

Let me be specific and elaborate on what I’ve learned. Incite is doing what others claim they are doing or trying to do, or will be forced to do as the industry evolves, but can’t because of established infrastructures. And the proposition is refreshingly simple. For our clients:

1 / Access to responsive senior researchers and thinkers throughout an engagement (a claim you can believe as we don’t hire junior researchers)

2 / Custom, non-force-fitted solutions that address business and research issues

3 / Compelling, prescriptive and succinct deliverables

4 / A partner that becomes an extension of your team

And for our current and growing staff:

1 / Building a top notch team of researchers and letting them do what they’re best at

2 / Not being burdened with non-project or non-client administrative tasks

3 / Training in consultative techniques that aid in insight generation

4 / Expressing their talents in compelling and actionable deliverables

A relevant strategy? Check. Meeting the industry’s needs? Check. Believable? Check. Time to set up shop and prove this to you? Check. I look forward to building a team and developing relationships that leverage Incite’s vision and augmenting the momentum that Incite has created, especially most recently here in the U.S. Let’s talk about how we can achieve success together.